My opinion of For Honor

This is by no means an authoratitive look nor is it a review since I haven’t played the game. It is merely a look at the historical side of the game. But first the trailer.

I’d just like to say that this is about as awesome as it gets. If you want to see more awesome go look up the rest of the games trailers. They do not disappoint. Also I’d like to point out that the crazy knight lady who calls herself Apollyon is crazy. She chose that name because she wanted to show what you have to become to bring chaos. Crazy, right?

Now you’ve got the three factions vying for control of what resources remain. Now what Apollyon wants is for there to be eternal warfare. So she is tricking the three groups into fighting each other. Yes, the campaign is as cheesy and over the top as it sounds, but the cinematics music and overall atmosphere make for a great experience. I have heard that it can get really repetitive though. But, For Honor was meant as a multiplayer game from the get go so kudos to Ubisoft to getting a 6 hour campaign in as well.

Anyhow, on to the characters. You have three factions each with 4 heroes with more on the way. I will go through each of the twelve characters and give my opinion.




First up are the knights. Since they hold to a lot of the beliefs I value. Protecting the weak, honor in combat, bravery and so forth, pretty cliché but pretty awesome.

First you have the warden.


He wields a greatsword in combat and he is the undisputed master with it. He is the protector of the weak and has taken an oath to that effect. His playstyle revolves around quick punishing attacks and tanking damage. He’s good at taking and dishing out damage for new players. Very classic design with the armor, sword and knight this guy is in every medieval video game ever. He uses some little known techniques such as, halfswording (holding the blade with one hand to get more control) and the murderstroke (reversing the blade and using the pommel or guard to club the enemy to death). Very interesting to see these techniques utilized properly. If you want to know more check out Skallagrims videos on Youtube.

Next up is the Conqueror.


This guy uses a flail and shield. Their backstory is that they are conscripted slaves that have risen through the ranks and now lead in combat. If you want to turtle up and block everything that comes at you this guy is for you. He can block in every direction at once and still whip out some stinging blows. He has a crusader helmet and a surcoat over the rest so it’s hard to tell what all he’s got. He’s got an interesting playstyle and can be a annoying character to fight.

Next is the Lawbringer.


These characters dispense justice on lands with their halberd (my personal favourite medieval weapon) they are sort the judge, jury, and executioner. They probably have the most interesting skillset of all the knights. Check them out it’s pretty OP. They have a Tudor era helmet on top of some of the most bulky armour you will ever see. Seeing the halberd in action is very impressive.

And last for knights is the Peacekeeper.


This character is an assassin tasked with eliminating prime targets. She is the only exclusively female knight (you can change the gender of the warden and the conqueror as well, but not the lawbringer)  If you take one thing away from this post, please, do not play this class. This class is cancer. Maneuverability, lightning fast attacks and a set of bleed attacks make this class universally hated. Only trolls and noobs play this, ask the community. That aside this character is fairly interesting in terms of playstyle. Focusing on getting in, doing some damage, and getting out before the enemy can get in a shot, you aren’t going to do much if there is more than one enemy or your enemy know what they are doing.

Next faction is the Samurai faction. I do not know much about Medieval Japan, but I know a bit about the weapons so I don’t have nothing to say.

First is the Kensei.


The Kensei is the embodiment of the Samurai code, living by honor and the blade, these guys are on the forefront of every battle. Their armor is a mix of wood and leather and a small amount of iron since good iron in Japan was rare and expensive. Their weapon is the Nodachi and bastard, or hand and a half, katana. First made for use on horseback this weapon is used with deadly accuracy by the Kensei. His playstyle is very similar the Wardens.

Next is the Shugoki.


Look at that guy! Anyhow, this character is the protector of his people training endlessly to be strong enough to protect the weak. His weapon is the kanabo, a bulky wooden club which, used by anyone else, would be clumsy and ineffective. He wields it with the ease and skill of a master duellist. His playstyle is probably the most difficult to master as he is somewhat of a glass cannon. His moves are punishing but if he misses he’ll be in rough shape.

Next on the list is the Nobushi.


The only exclusively female samurai on this list the Nobushi has been charged with guarding the farms on the outskirts of Samurai territory. Their weapon of choice is the Naginata, a weapon I was particularly interested to see in the game. It is a cross between a sword and a spear and is wielded with balletic delicacy by the Nobushi. Don’t be fooled though, this character can easily dominate with her impressive reach and skill set.

Last but not least is the Orochi.


The Orochi is the front line fighter of the Samurai. Trained to a high degree of perfection they are a match for anything thrown at them. The Samurai’s answer to the Peacekeeper, the Orochi is quick, light and brutal. All factions have one assassin and they all have interesting moves. For instance, they will not remain blocking in one position indefinitely. Eventually they will go back to a neutral position, so if you are going to attack or block, get the timing right. His weapon is of course the katana a light weapon with good thrusting capabilities but mediocre slashing and cutting ability. If you play this character, you are a nerd.

Finally, the Vikings. I don’t know how to feel about them. On one hand they are super duper sick (I’m part Viking) on the other they have the least historically accurate portrayal of all in this game (and pretty much every where lese for that matter).

Anyhow, on to the Raider.


This particular Viking has been born and bred for war. He is literally a killing machine designed to never stop hacking. Now, can you feel the tostestorene coming off that picture? Good, because that is the Raider, a living breathing machine of manliness and rage. I need to know this guy’s lifting routine. Anyhow, his weapon is the Dane ax, probably the most awesome weapon to come out of the medieval times, go look up some of what these guys did with this thing. However, the in game version has a head that is about twice as big and had the wrong shape. Oh, well.

Second is the Warlord.


Even barbarians need a leader and that is this guy. Armed with a simple sword and shield this guy is the thinking man’s Viking. He has a more laidback playstyle than the Raider, preferring to let his giant health pool and shield tank the damage until he sees a opening. Plus, he has a headbutt attack! Bonus!

Then comes the Valkyrie.


The Valkyrie has taken an oath to her gods to earn a spot in Valhalla, however to do that she must kill. And she does it splendidly with her spear and buckler. To be honest I wasn’t sure how this would work out in game. I’ve always considered a spear to be a flimsy weapon ineffective for primary use but the game developers have done a good job making her hits look strong and powerful. Historically the spear was the Viking’s main weapon.

Lastly we have the Berserker.


The Berserker is the embodiment of the Viking principle of war, kill and keep killing ’till you can’t. To be honest when I first saw the choice of names for him and the Raider it looked swapped around to me. When I think of a Berserker I think of someone covered in muscle and blood. As you can see, the Berserker is small and light. However his playstyle is perfect. If you get three hits in a row on your enemy your attacks become uninterruptible (you can’t be knocked out of them) and they come faster and faster. Basically jump into a battle and start swinging, you won’t be able to stop.

Finally, I will give my opinion of the game. I think it is a solid dueling game that is being let down by several issues, like no dedicated servers, abuse of game mechanics and little content. If you want a challenging and interesting game to play this is for you.






  1. Pretty neat. I really don’t know much about medieval/ancient warfare, so most of the info you post is news to me. The character models look pretty cool as well.


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