Chainmail Journal #2

The day after I wrote my last chainmail post I had issues. Serious issues. I pretty much gave up after a good hour or two of getting nowhere. Then two days ago I decided to give it another shot. This time around I figured out what I was doing wrong in 20 minutes. Best feeling in the world. After some more fiddling around I feel like I’m back on track and I wanted to share my progress.


This is two hours of work. Granted I did a fair amount of backtracking and tearing up so this is actually pretty good. I also remade my rings to be much smaller. This patch is only about 5 by 3 inches.


The new ring size. I couldn’t compare it with the old size because my brother threw out all my old rings before I could save one. These are tiny in comparison though.


Last pic. A bit of a close-up on the weave. The technique required is more involved than I thought but making this is really easy and relaxing for me once I get into it. I plan on making a coif first.



  1. A coif is like a collar/hood right? That looks very authentic. In the Lord of The Rings movies, they made chainmail using corrugated plastic tubing, which was cut and then glued. But not as cool as the real steel approach you’re doing.


      1. Yeah, probably weight. Tank paintball (or tankball, whatever) is basically a sport using homemade or real tanks. They shoot paint-filled ping pong balls or nerf rockets or something like that. There is a place in england where you can do it. Considering it a sport or even a hobby might be a misnomer, I assume it is largely “dead” and more of a one-off thing. Or like airsoft, just much more obscure and rare.


      2. Yeah, they are featured in conventional paintball and airsoft as well. Probably more so. It can range from a person walking around in a wooden box, to a replica with a real tracked chassis and a welded exterior. I had always wanted to build one. But that requires amounts of money, discipline, and expertise that I don’t have.


      3. I saw one guy who suffered from sort of disease (I think it might have been one of those diseases that progress over time and ultimately kills you). He had a powered wheelchair with two airsoft SAWs mounted on it.


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