Lego Spaceship

So I just recently made a trip to a local Lego store to raid the Pick-a-Brick wall. I came back with almost 2500 bricks including several hundred 1×2 sand green plates and 1×1 round grey tiles. I knew I needed to do something with all that so fist I made this.


I made 54 of these suckers before calling it quits (just kidding, I ran out of trans cheese slopes). I knew I needed to do something with this so I decided to make a transport for them. This is what I came up with.IMG_3441

It’s just a small microscale transport.  I vision it as being a frigate class, not as big as a cruiser but more heavily armed than a destroyer.


Bit of a different shot before we go to closeups.

IMG_3444The bay doors in closed position. This was the first part of the build and one of the least difficult bits to do. Although I did redo them several times.

IMG_3443And here they are in the open position. There are only six fighters in this ship although more can be crammed in if necessary. All those turrets are to defend the exiting ships.


Both bay doors open. The landing bay is split in two so one stray hit won’t take out the entire force.


The bridge. That clip thingy is the only other sand green element I have besides a 1×2 slope.


The back of the ship. This is a good part. I really like the nice windows and everything.


I love the engines! Usually the engines on my spaceships never work. These work so well.


The front. It’s not as clean as I’d have liked, but that doesn’t mean I rushed it. I worked on this a lot to get it like this.


The underside. Told you I had hundreds of these. I still must have a couple hundred in my room. Anyhow, these are supposed to be armour plating and a heat shield for when the ship is entering the atmosphere.

Overall, this was an extremely fun build for me that looks epic. My brother keeps bugging me to make a enemy frigate now. I may make something.


  1. Nice job! When I saw the picture of the bottom I actually whispered “woah” to myself. I have a neat idea to spruce up the design of the fighters. I can post a sketch on my blog to show you what I mean.


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