My “Fantastic” Life

I am the laziest person I know.

This is something I have been aware of for most of my life. Very often my siblings would mock me about it and I would simply laugh because, even though I knew very well that I was lazy, I didn’t care.

That’s wrong.

The life I have been given is one in a million. Supportive Christian parents, plenty of siblings to play with, being born into one of the most prosperous places on earth. Just to give you an example of how I’m squandering this life, 5 to 6 hours a day is spent surfing the web or playing video games. 5 to 6 HOURS! I’m doing all the work my parents require of me, I am passing in all my school subjects (I’m homeschooled, but more on that later) but I am squandering all that in endless, mindless hours online.

I had myself convinced that the life I was leading was full, I read a lot, I chop wood every day, I work out regularly, but it’s that computer that is sucking all the productivity out of me. It is the cause of all my procrastination, laziness and general loser’s life. And there is so much I could be doing differently that I’m not. I have all sorts of projects I would like to work on and ideas I would like to try, but that computer just drains my time and patience.

Also, I would like to touch on my academics. I don’t want to sound too arrogant but I’ve always considered myself to be fairly bright. I can soak up knowledge fairly easily and retain it well. But lately I’ve simply been doing the barest minimum possible to get it done as quickly as possible so I can go on to the computer. My grades are passing, but sub-par and I am learning nil from my subjects. If a subject requires any sort of time commitment for a lesson (say I have to write an essay for English) I simply skip the assignment until my mom gets on my case enough and then I simply hammer out a slipshod paper to get by. This behaviour is unsustainable in the long run as I am learning nothing and simply getting by on information obtained during my younger years. I would like to point out that none of this behaviour is my parents fault. They are both working overtime with seven kids and frankly it’s easy to just make sure that I don’t get noticed. I am also an expert at making airtight excuses for all kinds of mistakes, so everything I am doing to myself is one hundred percent my fault.

Now, leaving no stone unturned, let me talk  about my chores. The situation with that is the exact same as my schoolwork. I simply scrape past with the barest possible time commitment and if I have to go back it’s with a very begrudging attitude. The only thing I do willingly is the wood chopping and that is because it has a benefit to myself. I do anything to get out of chores including passing it of on my younger brother, who is one of the best brothers anyone could hope to have.

So, my mission over the next few days for myself is going to be, cut back on the computer, step up the amount of time I spend on my schoolwork, do my chores more willingly and cheerfully and work on some of the projects I’ve been thinking about.

Sorry for all the text, but writing this post is my way of making sure that I give this the maximum effort possible. In the future I will be writing more and more on this blog about my life and the efforts I’m making to do all that God wants from me.