Weekly Warrior #1 Landsknecht

The Landsknechts were a group of German mercenary pikemen during the 14th and 16th centuries who believed that if a war was worth fighting, it was worth fighting fabulously. Dressed in gaudy pants, a puffy colorful shirt, giant floppy hat and the most droopy mustache possible these guys were the undisputed fashion warriors of the battlefield.


Many Germans were mercenaries during the Middle Ages and this is where the Landsknecht came from. They started around the late 1400s and took many of their tactics and style from the famous and renowned Swiss pikemen. They used the pike mainly, a long spear like weapon up to 18 feet in length. They would also use an arquebus and sometimes a Zweihander, a massive sword with a 60 inch blade that weighed between 7 to 14 pounds.

zweihander    Unfortunately the Landscknechts mercenary lifestyle is what led to their demise about a century later. Ready to switch allegiance simply for a larger profit, they were not well trusted and eventually no one would hire them. They still went down in history as the most fabulous soldiers to ever live.




Chainmail Journal #1

Chainmail is one of those projects I was talking about. This will be my first few thoughts on the process. Never, ever try doing this if you don’t enjoy having you soul sucked out of your fingers. img_2952

This is the fruit of one nights labour. 52 4-in-1 rings.


They look like this. I still need to put them together though and that is what is giving me issues.


I quickly ragged up my wire cutters but my hands and fingers still got raw from all the work. Overall, never attempt this if you value your sanity or fingers.